Alternatively I offer my clients (especially my international clients) the possibility to receive clairvoyant consultations using the skype video service.

The requirement is that you download skype from and know how to use it when opening up the video connection when being in contact with me. In order for me to do a channeling for you we need to see and hear each other through skype. I do not offer channelings on the phone, talk or chat skype or otherwise. If technical difficulties occur, we book a new time. In case you are unsure of the skype connection, we can set a time to test our mutual skype connection.

During a skype session you are responsible for a possible recording of the session or writing essential things on paper.

Please read my description of my work on clairvoyant consultation before booking a time with me. I ask you to make an appointment with me either by calling my mobile +358-40-5893381 or sending me an email at carina.hagstrom(at)

I do not make appointments through skype/skype chat. I also do not chat through skype, so please don't contact me through skype chat.

In order for me to be able to do a session for you, I need you to be able to speak fluent English (or Swedish or Finnish). My English is fairly fluent, because I have lived in the US for several years.

When our session is due, I ask you to contact me by skype. If there are any acute problems, we can contact each other by mobile or e-mail. Before the session, please inform me by e-mail of your skype address.

In case for any reason our skype session does not work out within a week of the intended time due to technical difficulties, I return the payment in full.

Possible cancellations 24 hours in advance, thank you.

MY SKYPE ADDRESS: carina.hagstrom1

Carina Hagström phone +358-40-5893381

email: carina.hagstrom(at)