Birthdayconsultation on sale

I offer to everyone, both new and former clients the possibility to accept a clairvoyant consultation for a birthdayprice.

A birthdayconsultation means that you can give yourself or someone else a birthday gift receiving a nice reduction from the normal price of a 60 minute clairvoyant consultation, during the same month the birthday is. So for instance, if your birthday is in May, you may take advantage of the pricereduction and book a consultation during that month.

The birthdayprice is 89 euros.

I confirm the date of birth at payment. If the consultation happens by skype, I request a copy of your ID by email.

Please book your birthdayconsultation well in advance.

One consultation for the birthdayprice/client/year.

Exception: If for any reason, I am not available during your birthdaymonth, the offer is not open.

Happy Birthday!