Phone consultation 5 - 30 minutes (only former clients)

I choose from now on to offer my former clients - living in FInland -(you have experienced at least one clairvoyant consultation with me) the possibilty to receive a 5 - 30 minute consultation/channeling by phone.

This is an option in some specific situations and the purpose of this consultation is to request instant energy and healing channeling for usually an acute issue like strong pain in your body (for instance back pain), strong acute fear, or something sudden that currently creates difficulty in your life.

The objective is to quickly give perspective to the matter at hand. My experience is, that usually very strong healing energies are being channeled even through a short session, and in this way I want to support my former clients. If I feel, that I can't offer you a phone consultation, I will express it immediately when I hear what the issue you request for support, is.

Ask for an appointment: Carina Hagström phone +358-40-5893381 or

email: carina.hagstrom(at)

Usually I am available for short phone consultations within 1 - 4 weekdays.

Price: 12 - 65 eur (incl. 24% vat)

Payment on consultation day to my account: Carina Hagström, Nordea FI54 21852000 134212.