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Distant healing

I offer you the possibility to receive distant healing in return for a reasonable payment.

I give you the opportunity to request distant healing, when you feel there is a need- whether it is an acute life threatening emergency, for yourself or other or a symptom/problem in life. Most people experience situations in life when you hope you could request healing (and you may not even believe in it) from 'somewhere', when life gives you a challenge, a difficult physical symptom, emotional anxiety, surgery etc. My personal challenge is that I never know how much it may support the person needing healing (and if it actually does help). But during years past I have received loads of positive feedback of how much it has helped, which makes me want to offer healing to my former clients and also people I don't know or have yet to meet.

The purpose of this distant healing service is, that when you need healing either for yourself or other (person or for instance dog or cat) you may request it from me. If you feel that there is a need for healing, energy, support for some difficult issue, distant healing may give the situation relief.

In chronic diseases/situations (it's been going on for a long time - months or years) and/or when there is vast life-challenging crisis I ask you to be conscious of the fact that you may need different kind of help and support and it is important to take responsibilty to seek help and be open obviously also for medical help or anything with a holistic approach. Alternatively you may see if a clairvoyant consultation by me interests you, check link on the left side.

I want to offer this possibilty to you, as I have heard, seen and experienced numerous times that people have received often help from distant healing and I feel strongly about sending it. You may expect me to send healing on weekdays anytime between 9 am - 6pm, when I am free to do it.

When you request distant healing, please tell me your first and last name and if you ask it for someone else, I need the same information (birthdate and place not needed, unless you want to volunteer it yourself). I don't send healing to people who ask it via a nickname or pseudonym. I don't find it to be a friendly gesture if you don't care to be as open as I am of my own identity. Otherwise, I am happy to send distant healing with the above conditions mentioned. Every request is treated confidentially.

Price 5 euros- one person one time distant healing

Price 8 euros- familyprice 2 people/one time distant healing

Price 12 euros- familyprice 3 people/one time distant healing

Price 16 euros- familyprice 4 people/one time distant healing

Price 22 euros- one person for 5 times/distant healing when you feel the need to request healing for consecutive days or weeks, and we will agree on times that feel right for you.

Price 32 euros- familyprice 2 people/5 times distant healing

Price 42 euros-familyprices 3 people/5 times distant healing

Price 52 euros-familyprice 4 people/5 times distant healing

Date of payment is on the day of distant healing. Though if the request is made during an acute emergency, you may take care of payment afterwards.

You may pay the purchase with your credit card using the pay pal link in my web shop.

If you live in Finland, you can also pay it to my bank account at

Nordea FI54 21852000 134212, Carina Hagström.

I ask you to request distant healing (if possible) first and foremost via email carina.hagstrom(at) - unless you don't have time to send an email, I can accept the request to my phone +358-40-5893381. I always confirm sending distant healing either by email or sms and if we have agreed for you to receive healing 5 times I send a message after every time.

Please inform me shortly of what you need it for and as soon as I am able to, I will send healing and I strongly hope it can help the one who needs help.