Clairvoyant channeling

I am pleased to clarify on what you might expect from my clairvoyant channeling sessions and

what is beneficial for you to consider before you visit me (Live or Skype).

I have the privilege of collaborating with a group of angels whom I channel, along with other beings from the angelic realm. They will convey information that is permitted to be shared on the day of our meeting, sharing insights that they believe you are able to receive and process afterward.

The angelic guidance offered encompasses understanding, wisdom, knowledge and heart healing energy. These elements collectively contribute to a healing experience.
Personally, I find that receiving clarity during life's crossroads and uncertainties significantly eases our state of being. Angels are also willing mentors, offering advice, general healing energies, and perspectives, hoping that we actively embrace their guidance by setting aside mental barriers.

Practically, this means striving to make better choices in our lives, steering away from unnecessary detours. The goal is to stay on the main path more effortlessly, enhancing our well-being with each decision. Engaging in this collaborative effort allows us to learn to live our lives in a purer way, allowing a partnership with the angels who delight in helping us grow—it's a form of teamwork.

The ultimate responsibility lies within us to choose our own path. Making significant decisions should always come from our internal understanding and knowledge, ensuring that we retain personal empowerment.

Engaging in discussions with the angels can be enriching and enlightening, particularly when contemplating potential challenges or issues in life. The confirmation they provide offers clarity, helping us navigate our current situations with a more profound understanding and potentially unlocking solutions to challenges we may be facing.

Occasionally, the angels may convey messages that aren't immediately clear. In such instances, a transformative process unfolds, integral to your personal development, and only time will unveil the outcomes. In these moments, it's crucial to adopt a stance of humility and patience, allowing events to unfold organically, beyond your immediate control. Being open to assistance from various individuals may also be part of this unfolding journey.

Angelic Assistance in Various Aspects of Life

Angels undoubtedly assist us in numerous ways supporting us through life's journey. I want to highlight some distinct ways in which their influence is particularly evident to me:

Angels serve as exceptional mentors and teachers, generously offering guidance in various forms such as advice, healing energy, and insightful revelations. Their hope is that we remain open to receiving this assistance, supporting a collaborative effort aimed at choosing better paths and making decisions that align with our true selves. This partnership allows us to navigate life's complexities with greater ease, promoting personal growth and a healthier way of living.

In times of major life challenges, angels extend practical advice that we can choose to implement based on our preferences. Their assistance is unconditional, ranging from life-saving interventions to the seemingly mundane, like finding a parking space or sending someone to help us. Expressing gratitude and maintaining openness to receive such miraculous help becomes pivotal in these instances.

During consultations, the angels and I emphasize the importance of openness when discussing your life and specific concerns. Preparing your thoughts and issues beforehand facilitates a more effective collaboration, enhancing our ability to tap into clear energy. The angels, in turn, provide specific insights on addressed issues, fostering a healing environment with the ultimate goal of holistic well-being.

Channeling sessions involve exploration on multiple levels. Delving into the client's subconscious reveals hidden issues that may be blocking progress, and, with permission, we explore the subconscious of others to gain clarity on present situations. The angels contribute informatively, aiding in the healing process for the client and their close ones.

The treatment can be intensely healing, felt in the body as an energy treatment, and at its best, it aids us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In cases where individuals seek connection with departed loved ones, we proceed only if it feels safe for the client and contributes to their healing. This is often beneficial for those experiencing grief, helping them to feel more acceptance or move forward.

For health concerns, we dive into potential emotional messages behind illnesses, seeking understanding and possible resolution. Channeling allows us to explore various aspects of life, addressing relationship issues, financial matters, home life, and even our connection to the planet.

Time travel, both in this life and through past traumas, is another aspect of channeling. Examining moments that have caused pain or trauma helps identify and overcome obstacles, freeing us to create a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

During channeling sessions, I close my eyes, seeking silence to focus on one issue at a time for 5-15 minutes.

The angels provide a comprehensive picture, and upon opening my eyes, I appreciate receiving feedback to what the angels have conveyed. Although the angels share precisely what is suitable for our current development, we may not always be fully aware of the depth of understanding and knowledge expressed during the session.

Feel free to enter the confidential reading with an open heart and mind, while also keeping in mind your personal evaluation and truth.


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Possible cancellations before 6 p.m. previous weekday, thank you. For same day cancellations I debit the full price.


I first met Carina in the Chicago at an energy healing course in 2009. I have worked with Carina on average once a month. My whole family has benefited and many received one on ones with her as well. Each session is exactly what is needed from Creator and the angels. Sometimes it confirms but mostly the healing is profound. Carina has been with me and her healing sessions through divorce, sickness, deaths, moves, kids growing up and out and most recently through career upgrades. To say that my life is filled with miracles is an understatement and having Carinas sessions on hand have been a huge guiding force of love and healing for my mind, body and spirit. This channelling All ways gives exactly what is needed for healing and I can’t thank the Universe enough for bringing us together. Its Priceless!!!

I consider Carina highly professional and incredibly gifted in her Channelling/healing abilities. I would recommend her services to everyone that needs support in any way to continue to move forward. I always look forward to our sessions and now just by seeing and speaking by Skype the results are in present time. Truly grateful for Carina, the healing angel from Finland
Thank you from my heart to yours!!!!

Maribeth Morrissey
Specialty Pharma Rep