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Clairvoyant readings

I am pleased to clarify what my clairvoyant reading might give to you and what is good for you to be aware of, before you come to me for a reading.

I AM PRIVILEGED TO WORK WITH A GROUP OF ANGELS THAT I CHANNEL FROM (and also with other beings from the angelic realm).

The angels will only tell you what they are allowed to express to you on the day we meet and what they feel that you will be able to comprehend and process after the session.

They give understanding, wisdom, knowledge and healing energy. All of this can help us in a healing way and I feel that receiving understanding when we are stuck or wondering about something in our life, can strongly help our situation and release our energy for better use.

The angels also love to give advice, insights and confirmation when we are insecure in our personal situation. That being said, it is important to realize that we are personally responsible to choose our own path when we possibly make new choices in life now or later. We always need to make major decisions from our own understanding and knowledge and not to give the power outside ourselves. It can be very giving and profound to discuss any matters with the angels, when you are wondering about any possible problems or issues you might have in life. Confirmation is given, so we can see our life with more clarity and it may concretely help to open our locks during a current situation.

Sometimes, though more rarely, the angels might express something that you cannot understand instantly. In this case, a process will begin and it will be essential for your development and time will show what the results are. During these times we need to be humble and patient and let things happen when they are supposed to happen (nothing you might be able to control right now). It might also involve being open for help from many different people.

Angels may help us in many different ways.


To me the angels are great mentors/teachers. They are happy to do their own part and give help in many different ways - advice, healing energy, insights etc. and they hope we are open to receive it.

In practice it would mean, that we do our best when we choose better choices, so we don't have to walk on every sidestreet while living our life. The aim is to stay on your main path easier and also feel better about yourself while making new decisions. It gives us an opportunity to learn to live our life in a healthier way. Through this approach we can work together with the angels as they love to help us grow and we can think of it as teamwork.

If one is going through some major life challenge, the angels will do their best to give as much practical advice as possible- that one can choose, if it feels appealing.

Another thing that is very clear to me when experiencing what the angels can do is the fact that they simply HELP! They will save our life, if allowed; they will arrange a parking space if allowed and they will send someone to help us if allowed - and all this without any conditions. Many times we can receive miraculous help and all we can do is to be grateful and open ourselves to receiving.

When you come to the consultation, the angels and I ask for openness when you share about your life and the specific issues you want to talk about. Prepare yourself to think about what you want to talk about including the specific issues you want to bring to the table. That helps our cooperation and we can achieve as much as possible through clear energy. The angels love to give specific comments about issues we approach and want more understanding for. The aim is always healing!

During the consultation I usually work on many different levels. We ask what the client's subconscious reveals of issues we don't necessarily connect to in our day to day awareness = specifically those issues that block our life. We check (if allowed) some other person's subconscious to clarify the present situation. We ask what the angels can tell us in an informative way and experience how the angels help people with their healing that need help, including the client and people close to the client. The treatment may feel strong in a healing way and feel in the body as an healing treatment and at its best helps us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some people have a need to contact their loved ones that have passed to the other side and when needed (and allowed) it can happen. It will happen only if it feels safe for the client (i.e. we don't have fears about it) and when we need it to help the ongoing process to receive healing for ourselves. This usually happens when we have lost someone close to us and grief prevents us from moving forward.

If we suffer from an illnes or some symptom, we can also investigate the possible emotional message behind it and receive understanding for ourselves and often also receive some help for the issue at hand.

During the channeling we may approach issues on many different levels and it is advantegous to be open to all possibilities. We can receive help on a deep level when we leave our mental blockages at home and give ourselves permission to be open to a broader perspective in relation to our life.

Almost any subject can be dealt with through channeling; relationship issues and money-, home, and health matters. Sometimes it is also necessary to investigate ones relationship to oneself as we so often search for answers about other people (what's wrong with everybody else....?!). Not to mention the relationship we have to this planet. All healing starts from inside and we can search our soul for deep answers and see how we open ourselves for the possibility to evolve as human beings.

Many times we do -with the help of the channeling - time travel and check for moments in this life that have caused trauma or pain that might prevent you from experience a more enjoyable live. Difficult life challenges cause us often to be stuck in the past pain, and prevent us from building a better life; also not believing in a better life. All of us want to create a better quality in our life, but often lack the ability to do it, due to some or many challenges in life.

When I channel, I always talk with my eyes closed and ask for silence. I often channel about one issue for 5-15 minutes, during which time a bigger picture is drawn for the client. When I open my eyes, I appreciate hearing comments in regard to what the angels have said and after that we might ask for more specific insights to things that remain unclear. Regardless, the fact is that the angels will only share with us what is proper for our development right now, not more or less even though we might do all we can to ask or demand for more. We are given the right amount of understanding and knowledge, even though we are not always aware of it ourselves.

You are welcome to come to the confidential reading with your heart and mind open yet not forgetting your personal evaluation and truth.


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