Clairvoyant consultations (all prices include 24% vat):

60 min 110 eur

75 min 135 eur

90 min 160 eur

30 min 65 eur

45 min 90 eur

60 min 89 eur BIRTHDAYPRICE (see link)

The first consultation is always minimum 60 minutes.

To my former clients I offer the possibility for 15-45 min appointments - you have experienced at least one full hour session with me before.

All sessions may occur via video skype.

I have full debit policy for appointments not cancelled or same day cancellations, please make your cancellations the day before by 6 pm.

Weekend addition/and Finnish holidays +20 euros:

There are often requests for weekend appointments. Saturday and Sunday are not the same as weekdays for me and working on either day forms my weekend to a different kind of experience. If you specifically need a consult on a weekend and it possibly suits me, I am flexible to work for weekend prices. I add +20 euros to every consultation price whether it is a short 15 minutes or max 90 minutes. For instance a 15 minute consult would cost 55 euros during the weekend.

Payment in cash or bank in advance Carina Hagström, Nordea FI5421852000134212.

Mobile Pay 040-5903381

You can also pay me directly via the pay pal me link:

Here a few reviews that my clients have kindly shared during 2021.